Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan


NOTE: An updated verion of the Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan is available on the Downloads page (June 20, 2014).

The Nunavut Planning Commission has prepared a Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan to encourage discussion on land use planning in the Nunavut Settlement Area. The Draft Plan provides an illustration of how the Nunavut Land Use Plan may guide and direct resource use and development, once approved. The Commission is using the Draft Plan to focus discussions with communities and other stakeholders, and encourages feedback from everyone to help make the plan better.

The Draft Plan contains Goals, Objectives and Policies for land use planning in Nunavut. Areas and issues that have been identified for their significance to each Goal are discussed, and one of the following Land Use Designations or Recommendations is assigned:

PSE Protecting and Sustaining the Environment 
ECP Encouraging Conservation Planning
BHC Building Healthier Communities
ESED Encouraging Sustainable Economic Development
MU Mixed Use

Land Use Designations permit uses that are compatible with the identified value and may prohibit uses that are incompatible. Recommendations advise proponents and regulators of issues that should be considered during the review of project proposals.

The Draft Plan can be downloaded here.  Supporting documentation is also available, including an Options and Recommendations report, which provides an overview of the information considered by the Commission, and the rationale for decisions.

You can also use our interactive maps to explore the content of the Draft Plan.

Next Steps

Now that the Draft Plan is public, the Commission encourages feedback from everyone on its contents. The Commission will host workshops and gather feedback on the Draft Plan in every Nunavut municipality, as well as with the Inuit of Nunavik and the Athabasca and Manitoba Denesuline over the next year. Additional workshops will be held with industry and government. The schedule for community visits is available here.

Following the community visits, all feedback on the Draft Plan will be reviewed at a public hearing, final revisions will be made, and the plan will be submitted to government for approval. Following approval, all project proposals must conform to the rules of the Plan.

Consultation Record

The Commission has consulted with planning partners over the last four years to inform the development of the Draft Plan. An overview of this process can be found in our consultation record. All feedback received on the Draft Plan will be also included in this record.