Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan Data Viewer

Please be patient, it is worth the wait! All visible map layers load at startup, and this takes time. Once loaded, the map does not need reloading, even when you click and zoom, results are instant.

Are you still finding the map to be loading too slowly? Download the Interactive map viewer here (23MB). After downloading, unzip the folder. Double click disk_DNLUP.html to access the interactive map. It will open in your web browser.

Java is needed to use the interactive map. If you don’t have Java, it is a free download you can get here.

This application is for illustrative purposes. Original data sources for the layers found in this application can be found in the data source table. For further guidance and information regarding these layers please refer to the Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan text and maps. Adapted by the Nunavut Planning Commission from TimeMap® Project © 2005 Archaeological Computing Laboratory, Spatial Science Innovation Unit, University of Sydney. Team Leader: Ian Johnson. Senior Programmer: Artem Osmakov. Published 2012/02/15 Template 07 June 2005