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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The current Covid outbreak in Nunavut has made the Commission’s intended preparatory community meetings unfeasible at this time. Following discussions with multiple communities and other planning partners, the Commission has determined that the most responsible path forward is to postpone the regional public hearings until the fall and conduct in-person community visits in the spring as guided by the Covid protocols in place at that time, or through Zoom or teleconference if necessary.

Parties should be aware that the new dates set below for the re-scheduling of the community visits and regional public hearings are tentative and may change depending on public health orders. Should the Commission subsequently make any changes to the timetable of events, these will be communicated through a procedural update.

Copies of the 2021 DNLUP and Options and Recommendations document and all submissions filed in the NPC’s public record in association with the DNLUP are available online at: . Hardcopies of the DNLUP and supporting material have been mailed to affected communities. 

Do not hesitate to contact Solomon Amuno at: if you have questions regarding this notice.