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Internal Procedures

Internal Procedures were created to help guide the Nunavut Planning Commission (NPC) when undertaking the following:  

Conformity Determination is a review of a project/project proposal to determine whether it complies with all terms and conditions of any applicable land use plan.

Plan Amendment is the process of considering changes to a land use plan’s content.

Minor Variance applies when the NPC determines under the Conformity Determination Procedure that a project/project proposal is not in conformity with a land use plan, but is eligible to be considered to not comply with the conditions of a land use designation in a land use plan.

Periodic Review is a complete public review of an approved land use plan.

Monitoring Plan Implementation guides NPC in reviewing and maintaining a record of submitted applications, and releasing an Annual Report.

Monitoring Approved Projects applies to projects that have been determined to be in conformity with any land use plan, or granted a Minor Variance by the NPC, or granted an exemption by the appropriate Minister.

Information Management guides members and employees of the NPC in satisfying their legal duties under sections 204 and 205 of the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act