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Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan

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The Nunavut Land Use Plan (NLUP) is a legal requirement under Article 11.5.1 of the Nunavut Agreement and Part 2 of the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act to guide and direct short-term and long-term development in the Nunavut Settlement Area and reflect the priorities and values of residents.

The Broad Planning Policies, Objectives, and Goals document, approved by the Nunavut Planning Commission in 2007, has guided the majority of the content in the current 2021 Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan available at:

Content includes:

  • Protecting and Sustaining the Environment;
  • Encouraging Conservation Planning;
  • Building Healthier Communities; and
  • Encouraging Sustainable Economic Development.

The NLUP , when approved, will apply to all projects/project proposals within the Nunavut Settlement Area and Outer Land Fast Ice Zone, including surface and subsurface lands, freshwater, marine areas, and the beds of these bodies of water. The NLUP does not apply within established National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas, Territorial Parks, and National Historic Sites administered by Parks Canada.

Within municipal boundaries, the NLUP will apply to projects/project proposals that have ecosystemic impacts outside the municipality, or involve the deposit of waste by a municipality, the bulk storage of fuel, the production of nuclear or hydro-electric power or any industrial activities.

The NLUP will not apply to subsistence land use or to the harvesting of wildlife, and will not restrict access to the land and water for the purposes of harvesting and maintaining a traditional lifestyle. 

2021 Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan Documents
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